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What is an Plex Bit Infosystems.com Dedicated Team?

We use a structured process to build the right, long-term dedicated team for your project. Our high-performance frontend and fullstack specialists provide the expertise you need to deliver solutions using key cutting edge performance technologies such as Angular & React; Node.js & Python.

How It Works

Dedicated Team Brief

We sit down with you to discuss your long-term vision and the key profiles and skills you’re looking for in a dedicated team of software developers. If you have deliverables that need to be implemented urgently, we can refer you to our Project Team while we search for your dedicated team.

Candidate Screening

We begin screening our shortlist of top talent for your dedicated team. Then, we discuss their profiles with you to ensure they’re the right fit. Then you carry out the final interviews and together we begin the onboarding process.


We assist you with onboarding your dedicated team. If our Project Team is helping you with deliverables, we will carry out our knowledge transfer process to hand over the reins to your dedicated team.

Management and Scaling

Run a dedicated team of software developers, with the help of your Scrum Team. At this point, we also change and expand your dedicated team according to your project’s needs.

Key benefits of staff augmentation

Vetted Talent

Altar.io attracts and screens approximately 40 candidates to select each new team member. We vet software developers based on career profile assessment, hard skills measured by our technical challenges and team interviews by us and by you.

We specialize in a narrow range of innovative technologies: Angular & React; Node & Python and a few others that make for excellence in product. We organize industry-leading workshops in Lisbon and send team members out to highly reputed European tech conferences for software developers.
Reduced Cost & Risk

Onboarding a dedicated team is around 40% cheaper than hiring on a project basis at an hourly rate. Moreover, you can fully control a dedicated team in terms of availability. These aspects add up to a valuable source of delivery power in an industry with limited supply: quality software developers, notably frontend specialists.
Focus on Growing the Business

We manage the head-hunting, payroll, real estate and logistics when building dedicated teams of software developers. Meaning you can remain laser-focused on your Product, Delivery, Sales and business vision.

Project workflow of staff augmentation


First, we need to know what you require for your project. So, it all starts with an initial meeting where we will discuss these concerns. What exactly do we want to know? What are your business goals which we have to meet, what skills are crucial and how many developers will cover the work.

Cooperation model & prices

Since we have the very first step completed, it’s time to propose the most suitable cooperation model. Yes, we have different models (and prices vary too). We can go with one of three models.
Here are the details:

Framework contract

You probably are used to the situation where you sign on a contract means that you have to pay. This is not the case. In this step, we will sign a framework agreement that guarantees the hourly rates accepted in the previous phase. The cool thing is you don’t have to pay for anything yet. Until you hire the big players from us, you are not obliged to anything.

Blind CVs

Picking the right people for the job can be easy – at least when you have the best candidates at hand. This is what happens in this step. We will send you the resumes of the most-fitting pros. All you need to do is to go through the CVs and select people you want to talk to during the interviews phase.

The Interviews

We’re certain that there are candidates who grabbed your attention. Now it’s time to get to know them more and verify if they fit. This will be done through a conversation – also known as the interview. As always, we value time, so these interviews will be conducted remotely – via teleconference.


Since you have chosen the best players for your project, you can move on to the onboarding process. First, we will sign the contracts, and the pros will start to fulfill their duties. Now, success of your new project is just a matter of time – previously determined time, to be specific.


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The Difference Between Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Development Teams

Staff Augmentation vs. Dedicated Development Teams

Staff augmentation involves hiring a specialist or a small team with a particular skill set to join and work alongside an already functioning core team. Dedicated development services give you access to a group working exclusively on your project and consisting of experts who cover all of the project’s stages.

Client Case Study

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