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CAMPUSDEAN School Management System

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  • Education
  • Web and Mobile Application
  • India
  • 2017 - 2021

CAMPUSDEAN School Management System

Use CAMPUSDEAN School Management Software & Make Your Work More Easier

A CAMPUSDEAN school management software is a comprehensive system solution designed specifically for managing and streamlining various administrative and operational tasks within educational institutions. It combines various modules and functionalities to centralize and automate processes, making it easier for schools to manage student data, academics, finance, communication, and other aspects.

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Integrated Mobile Apps For Schools

CAMPUSDEAN provides a fully customizable school ERP system with mobile apps for teachers, parents, and school trusty. CAMPUSDEAN mobile app allows administrators to send announcements, notifications, event reminders, and important updates directly to users’ mobile devices. Parents can receive real-time updates on their child’s attendance, including late arrivals or absences, and schools can streamline attendance monitoring processes. Teachers can use the mobile app to assign homework, share study materials, and provide resources to students. Students and parents can access the assignments and due dates conveniently through the app. Schools can provide access to student’s grades, progress reports, and academic performance data through the mobile app. The app can provide a platform for direct communication between parents and teachers.

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