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BusyKid: Debit Card for Teens

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  • Finance
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  • United States
  • 2017

BusyKid: Debit Card for Teens


It’s time for our children to learn how to manage money from an early age and BusyKid helps them do so right from the palm of their hands. They even get their own Visa debit card to have some fun along the way.

Time- and cost-efficient hiring

BusyKid helps teach kids and teens the process and routines of money management, including using a debit card.

With BusyKid, parents can give kids an allowance: by having them do chores based on age and schedule. In addition, the app allowance tracker lets kids learn how to build a savings account, spend with a debit card and learn to invest.

Chores & Allowance
Experience Investing
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