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Zsenia Stock market research


Zsenia is a powerful yet simplified investment, research and analytics platform. It is a decision-making tool that can help anyone improve their investment performance and make better informed investments.

The Client has been using this opportunity to meet their staffing needs by requesting more Magento ecommerce marketplace developers for a certain period of time or reducing their number. Besides, they got an extra advantage scaling the team up and down without any emotional or financial attachments when it was time to change an employee.


The founders of Zsenia have extensive experience in investments with over 200+ years of combined experience over multiple business cycles (boom & busts) and across most global asset classes. The founders, reflecting on their first-hand experience, selected the most relevant tools from their respective areas of expertise, and combined these into a seamless product — Zsenia.

Introductory Financial Planning & Analysis
Track daily and historical performance and news of securities and/or portfolios.
Introductory and advanced research/analysis of Securities, Mutual Funds and ETFs.
Identify and analyze target securities across markets to diversify or hedge portfolio